Step 1: Register with Medivant Healthcare

Sign up with Medivant Healthcare today to order drugs that face nationwide supply chain shortages.

Fill out our customer registration form and email it to with the following attachments:

  1. A scanned copy of the Original State Issued License
    The practitioner/facility license that was provided to the dispenser by the state wherein the drugs are dispensed.

  2. A scanned copy of the Controlled Substance License (optional)
    The DEA license is required to order Controlled Substances manufactured by Medivant Healthcare.

Step 2: Order Your Product

Medivant Healthcare accepts product orders in three convenient modes.

Option 1: Call us

Our world-class sales team will be glad to help you order the product you need over just one call.

Call us today at: 1-888-201-0688

Option 2: Email us

Save time. Send us an email.

Email us your product needs and we will have it processed and invoiced in no time.

Email your order directly to

Option 3: Order Online

Cut out the middleman. Place your order directly at our marketplace by visiting

To get your account set up on our marketplace; drop us an email at

Step 3: Make a Payment

Once we've received your order and verified the validity of your licenses on file, Medivant Healthcare will email you the invoice for your Sales Order.

Credit card payments towards an issued invoice can be made by visiting:

For invoices with Prepaid payment terms, your order will be fulfilled within 2 business days of receiving the invoice. 

For hospitals, payment will be due as per the agreed payment terms and can be made via ACH or Wire transfer.

Details for check and remittance can be found on the invoice emailed to you.