Production and Process

Our facility is capable of producing 80,000 vials of 1-10 mL Single Dose Liquid Injectables per day and averages 40,000 vials per shift.


In addition, our company has 20+ thoroughly-trained professionals who oversee daily operations to maximize efficiency.


With our resources and growing team, our companies goal is to reach half of the United States while increasing our current molecule count from 16  in production to 25+ in 2021.


Medivant’s plant automation is our core competency allowing rapid outputs while adhering to strict cGMP regulations.


Compliance and Integrity

“At Medivant, we strive to deliver our products with compliance and integrity to patients around the United States.”

Our mission and core values are upheld through our Code of Conduct and our Quality Assurance Team, reflecting our mission to produce with integrity, and in full compliance with all legal and regulatory standards.

Every action we take should reflect our core values and culture, which are embodied in every role we have here at Medivant.

At Medivant Healthcare, each product is created with the proper care and precision that our healthcare providers and patients deserve.

Production Focus

“Our mission is to be a national leader in low-cost pharmaceuticals, to be able to sell locally manufactured products at offshore prices, thereby helping the healthcare system reduce cost without effecting patient outcomes.”

Medivant makes products from locally procured API and converts them into sterile injections, thereby creating genuine cost savings by passing on the cost benefits to the hospitals.

Medivant significantly invests into research and development to help our assembly line workers produce 50,000 vials of 1-10mL Single Dose Liquid Injectables per day.

The efficiency of our full-scaled cGMP automated plant lies at the heart of our facility – producing precise sterile injectables in a single line.

Our team of fully-trained assembly line experts define our culture, advance our products, and ensure our success. By the end of 2021, we aim to increase our 16-molecule production yield to 25 by applying our unique expertise and innovative approaches to automated cGMP manufacturing.

Medivant is committed to improving the lives of patients across the United States and addresses the ever-changing needs and challenges of healthcare one vial at a time.


Nation Leading Boutique cGMP Manufacturer