cGMP Compliant Injectables Manufacturing

Leveraging over two decades of global experience in the pharmaceutical supply chain, Medivant Healthcare brings to its customers, the opportunity to manufacture high-quality sterile injectables with competitive pricing being manufactured in the United States of America.

As a fast-growing unit with a fresh setup, Medivant Healthcare offers greater automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing than most companies, thereby ensuring consistency, affordability, and speed. Our in-house Quality Control ensures that your drugs meet the highest standards and the needs of the patient.

Contracting with Medivant Healthcare will allow you to:

  • Manufacture drugs that are safe, reliable, and inexpensive.

  • Expedite the complexities associated with the formulation of drugs.

  • Navigate the intricate network of local, state, and federal regulations with ease.

  • Access a robust supply chain that supports your business at all times.

Research and Development

Process development for drug compositions manufactured at Medivant Healthcare is spearheaded by two highly specialized on-site laboratories.

The analytical lab manned by an extraordinary team of chemists will take care of all your stability testing needs for finished products and in process.

The sterility of the manufacturing process is assured by our microbiology lab through cautious environmental monitoring and redundant product testing.

You can be certain, that your drug was manufactured at the highest standards when it leaves Medivant Healthcare.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Vial Fill Rate: Up to 100 vials/min

At peak production capacity, we can manufacture 50,000 vials of your product during every shift.

As a result of our robust process, we can manufacture as many as 25 different molecules in a variety of fill volumes ranging from 1mL - 10mL of sterile Single-Dose Injectable Vials.

Nation Leading Boutique cGMP Manufacturer